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"Crane Products" and "Jumbo Plush"
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name SKU qty/units
  Bugged out Buddies 9 - 13 in Asmt  320853  each
Donut 8in Assortment  318896  each
  Emoji Pillow 12in Asmt  319962  each
  Five Nights at Freddy's Plush 10in Asmt  320344  each
Jumbo 25% Licensed 50pc Kit $2.78avg  311291  50/kit
  Jumbo 50% Licensed 50pc Kit $3.35avg  312513  50/kit
Jumbo Generic Plush 9-12 in Asmt  305726  48/kit
Jumbo Generic Plush Pallet Promo 576pcs  305726P  each
Llama Plush 10in Asmt  321056  12/inner
  Marvel Black Panther Plush 14in  320942  each

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