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name SKU qty/units
25 Ticket 2in Capsule Cantina Eraser Asmt  322157  250/case

25 Ticket 2in Capsule Sticky Eyeball Asmt  322159  250/case
Comic Disc Plush 6in Asmt  321228  12/inner
Small Generic 6-8in Asmt  321217  100/case
25 Ticket 2in Capsule I Am Froot Asmt  322158  250/case

50 Ticket 2in Capsule Emoji Stretch Guy Asmt  322163  220/case

50 Ticket 2in Capsule Punch Rocket Balloons Asmt  322164  220/case

75 Ticket 2in Capsule Rainbow String Asmt  322167  220/inner

100 Ticket 2in Capsule Unicorn Fluff Asmt  322168  220/case
Sequin Yuri Unicorn 11in Asmt  321310  each

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